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Mobile Betting Apps: Convenience vs Risk

August 1, 2016 Justin 0 Comments

Technological growth makes betting and gambling possible with the use of a mobile device. Mobile betting apps  let people enter the world of gambling with ease and comfort. Mobile betting ease the inconvenience of long queues to place a bet or get hold of tickets.  Punters can now make bets on their mobile device from wherever they are, at work, or in the comfort of their home. In-play betting even allows punters to make bets during the course of the event. They can even cash out of their earlier bet if game is going against them. The performance of mobile betting apps is becoming more important. Can mobile betting apps real time use guarantee convenience vs risk? Lowering betting risk is easier after learning how much you can make compared with what you lose. If the amount of gain is bigger, then betting is all worth it.

Horse racing mobile apps make every race a unique and desirable experience. It is now at your finger tips, you can use it to bet but keep the pros and cons in mind.

The Pros of mobile betting apps
The number one reason for the popularity of mobile betting apps is convenience. It is the home for punters to keep up with the game when they are on the move. They can place a bet on their favourite horse whenever they like using mobile phone. Mobile betting apps enable betting, results and cash outs with a simple click.

Users are up-to-date with the latest happenings on the race track.  It works like a betting firm that offers a lot of pre-bet information about the odds on the chances of winning. You’ll know your horse, jockey and trainer on your mobile device. The apps give pre-race stats, odds calculations and betting tips.

Easy access on funds. You can manage your full account on your device. You can deposit on your device or use your credit card when you are running low on betting money. You can immediately withdraw your winnings after the event. Depositing and withdrawing funds is easy and safe.

Horse racing on your mobile phone costs less than you think. The apps are available at affordable subscription fee per month. You can customise the app for alert on latest track news, reports and racing message boards.

You can get free bookmaker bets when you sign up to play. Most bookmakers offer great bonuses to entice punters to bet on their site. Some bookies not just give you free money once, but they give multiple bonuses whilst you bet.

The Cons of mobile betting apps
Having access to mobile betting apps makes gambling too easy. Betting too easy means spending big amount of money that can lead to bankruptcy.

Mobile betting apps can have security vulnerabilities, predators are targeting mobile app users. Avoid being a victim by accessing secure and trusted apps for real money gambling.

The small screen size can create discomfort to users. The small screen size  may make reading difficult, punters may miss out important information.

Mobile betting apps make spending money online easy. The convenient access to funds may increase the temptation to place more bets. Betting can be addictive and can lead to gambling problems.

Convenience vs risk can be your concern when using mobile betting apps. But there is a possibility of turning the odds in your favour by using the same mobile technology. Users can now have complete control of their betting activities by using mobile apps. Products like MathBetting, Fairbot and BetMover reduce the risk of gambling. These apps allow users to manage their money, plan their bets and analyse data efficiently. Horse racing betting is a fun way to make some money if you are careful and informed.


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