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Getting The Health Message Out Via Web Design

May 30, 2016 Justin 0 Comments

Websites are wonderful portals for information; we have never had it so good when it comes to accessing information. Good health outcomes are often linked to behaviour, and behaviour is heavily influenced by access to information. If you don’t know what is good for you, how in heaven will you find it or embody it. Access to the world wide web makes that a whole lot easier now. There are countless health related sites run by government agencies, health providers, health industry manufacturers and associated stake holders.

Getting The Health Message Out Via Web Design

Having access to this information is, however, only the beginning; the websites themselves need to be designed for comprehension. Too much gobbledy gook and nobody will read them. By this I mean overdoing the jargon and laying out the text in dense blocks, which often overwhelms the visitor. I like to think of visiting a website for the first time like a first date or encounter. Don’t try and overload that first interview with everything, including the kitchen sink. Be cool, friendly, but not over the top. Ease your way into the encounter with plenty of space, give the reader room to breathe.

Health websites are best served by a clean design, with easily readable and digestible sized chunks of copy. Information must come in an ordered and logical sequence, giving the reader time to pause and process the information. Question and answer formats can be helpful, but don’t overdo that either. The page design should say take your time, this is where you will find the answers you are seeking, but nobody is in any hurry. Information should be cited clearly to show the credibility of the source for this health information. Health can involve life and death; don’t expect people to just take your word for it.

A chiropractor may offer tips to reduce the suffering of back-pain, as may an osteopath website. These advice pages should be concise and practical, offering safe information for those who may be suffering in pain. In the case of something like auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, there could be a page providing pre-diagnosis, based on symptomatic behaviours. All of these information pages are clearly flagged as pre-appointment information, rather than solutions in themselves. The website is offering immediate help, but urges the client to come in an see one of their health care specialists. This is the beginning of a process, firstly information, then introduction, quickly followed by treatment and then, hopefully, cure.

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