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Furniture Design: Creativity vs Comfort vs Commerce

May 30, 2016 Justin 0 Comments

Is there enough alliteration in furniture design today? Creativity, comfort and commerce are all important to those who make and sell furniture. From the rocking chair on the porch to the strapless, steel and leather S & M couch with or without restraints, furniture must furnish us with all those three requirements. A dainty two seater in red and black tartan, a mahogany buff dining table scored with the marks of history, an alabaster illuminated marble consul unit; all of these things have their place in the unique homes of individual human beings.

Furniture Design: Creativity vs Comfort vs Commerce

They say there is a scale in Egyptian mythology that weighs the heart of the deceased against the feather of truth. Fine furniture is also weighed on scales that measure three things: creativity, comfort and commerce. We want to purchase something amazingly creative, but it must also be functionally comfortable if that is its purpose, and we must be able to afford it. What price will you pay for originality, style and comfort? What are you willing to fork out for something truly fabulous? Or will you buy a knock off from Kmart?

Anubis and Ammit await your decision; how true is your heart when it comes to choosing the forms that surround your life? Maat matters! Because those chairs and tables that prop up our existence reflect upon who we are. We look at, sit in, sleep on and eat at all these essential pieces of furniture in our lives. Furniture matters more than many people think. Surround yourself with cheap crap and what does that say about who you are. Live with items made by impoverished slave labour in sweat shops in China and what kind of energy emanates from your home? Material substances that we touch and see much of the day influence our reality.

Furniture design: Creativity vs comfort vs commerce is the scale that we measure the success of that design to meet our human needs. Entertainment units that are affordable do not have to be poorly made and incredibly ugly. Likewise, with beds, dining tables and lounge suites, if the designer can bring the three amigos together we can all celebrate. Beauty, nurture and value, are another way of judging the same thing. These vital elements within all fine furniture must come together in some sort of perfect harmony. We want our furniture to sing to our soul, senses and work within sensible financial parametres.

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