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Digital Design in the Sex Industry

November 7, 2016 Justin 0 Comments

Even if some people argue that sex does not sell, there are growing evidences that will debunk such claim. As a matter of fact, The Week reported that today’s magazines are loaded with semi-nude men and women. In addition, the billion dollar brand empire of Victoria’s Secret continues to cash in billions of dollars each year. Actually, there is a scientific explanation to this. Research shows that a part of our brain gets excited every time we see sexual images of a person; thereby, flaring up our natural response to buy the product.

Digital Design in the Sex Industry

Due to the intrinsic allure of sex, it is widely used in promoting tons of consumer products — from SUVs to hygiene kits. For example, alcoholic beverages and automobile companies use women in skimpy outfits or lingerie in advertising their product. Another common example is partially naked ripped men promoting chocolate bars, jeans and branded perfume.

Liaising with ladies in promoting a product might still work for some companies. This being said, the Internet has proved to be a more effective and efficient marketing tool. To be a clear cut above the rest, one should have a great graphic design when promoting sex. This may include an array of quality pictures or illustrations that are stimulating and sometimes titillating.

Selling Sex

In today’s digital era, your graphic design can make or break your business. This is of greater significance, especially in the sex industry. For instance, a brothel’s promotional material or a porn website’s sexy advert will only stand out if employed with good illustrations. Remember that a single picture can paint a thousand words, which usually leads to web traffic or product purchase.

However, there are cases where an obviously poor digital advert design still translates to site visits and lead conversions. This happens in click-in ads or pop-up ads that we usually see when navigating the Internet. Studies show that general consumers are more drawn to sex sites if the advertisement displays a more realistic graphic design. An example is using a pixelated, low quality image of couples doing lewd acts or sensual pictures of women.

This being said, when it comes to the graphic design of a sex website, it is more appealing if the graphics displayed are shot in ultra-high definition. It makes the image more realistic. Moreover, it renders a clear picture of what the consumers will expect on the website, the models and the services that the company provides.

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