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June 26, 2017

Designing Online Stores: How We Bring Life Online

Online stores are transforming the way people buy what they want and need. Not only that shopping online saves you a lot of time, but it also helps you save money, too. What was originally a practical modernisation now became a billion dollar industry that comes with fierce competition. If you have a business, the best and the quickest way for you to sell your products is to launch an online store. But designing online stores from scratch can be a daunting pursuit. You can see an example, if you click here. Luckily for you, you don’t have to get too overwhelmed. We will help you get the ball rolling.

Designing Online Stores: How We Bring Life Online

Humans have biases in anything beautifully created or designed. Of course we tend to judge a book by its cover. So it is a must that anything you present should have a good packaging, at the very least. The same goes in designing an online store. As a matter of fact, industry data shows that an online store with an attractive interface generates more sale and has a successful marketing than a dull-looking online store. So if you are in the works of designing online stores, here are some things that you ought to know.

  • You don’t need to spend an entire fortune in building your online store.

If you can pay for a web designer, that’s good. But you don’t really have to spend an entire fortune in building your online store. There are e-commerce vendors, such as Bigcommerce and Shopify, that takes all the nuisance and inconveniences in coding, hosting, and maintaining your site. Usually, such service starts as low as $10.

  • Use large photos as background or in slider when designing online stores.

Most e-commerce vendors give you a default theme and setting that you can work on to your liking. That said, always use large photos when choosing a background or putting a slider on your homepage. These large images are proven to entice customers and lets them better see the products you sell.

  • Don’t be on tenterhooks in designing online stores.

When building an online store, never ever sweat on all the small details. This will only paralyse you from getting the ball rolling. If you have questions about your design or your brand strategy, this will change as your business gets along. You can’t make everything perfect in one sitting. Trust us. We’ve all been there.

November 7, 2016

Digital Design in the Sex Industry

Even if some people argue that sex does not sell, there are growing evidences that will debunk such claim. As a matter of fact, The Week reported that today’s magazines are loaded with semi-nude men and women. In addition, the billion dollar brand empire of Victoria’s Secret continues to cash in billions of dollars each year. Actually, there is a scientific explanation to this. Research shows that a part of our brain gets excited every time we see sexual images of a person; thereby, flaring up our natural response to buy the product.

Digital Design in the Sex Industry

Due to the intrinsic allure of sex, it is widely used in promoting tons of consumer products — from SUVs to hygiene kits. For example, alcoholic beverages and automobile companies use women in skimpy outfits or lingerie in advertising their product. Another common example is partially naked ripped men promoting chocolate bars, jeans and branded perfume.

Liaising with ladies in promoting a product might still work for some companies. This being said, the Internet has proved to be a more effective and efficient marketing tool. To be a clear cut above the rest, one should have a great graphic design when promoting sex. This may include an array of quality pictures or illustrations that are stimulating and sometimes titillating.

Selling Sex

In today’s digital era, your graphic design can make or break your business. This is of greater significance, especially in the sex industry. For instance, a brothel’s promotional material or a porn website’s sexy advert will only stand out if employed with good illustrations. Remember that a single picture can paint a thousand words, which usually leads to web traffic or product purchase.

However, there are cases where an obviously poor digital advert design still translates to site visits and lead conversions. This happens in click-in ads or pop-up ads that we usually see when navigating the Internet. Studies show that general consumers are more drawn to sex sites if the advertisement displays a more realistic graphic design. An example is using a pixelated, low quality image of couples doing lewd acts or sensual pictures of women.

This being said, when it comes to the graphic design of a sex website, it is more appealing if the graphics displayed are shot in ultra-high definition. It makes the image more realistic. Moreover, it renders a clear picture of what the consumers will expect on the website, the models and the services that the company provides.


August 1, 2016

Mobile Betting Apps: Convenience vs Risk

Technological growth makes betting and gambling possible with the use of a mobile device. Mobile betting apps  let people enter the world of gambling with ease and comfort. Mobile betting ease the inconvenience of long queues to place a bet or get hold of tickets.  Punters can now make bets on their mobile device from wherever they are, at work, or in the comfort of their home. In-play betting even allows punters to make bets during the course of the event. They can even cash out of their earlier bet if game is going against them. The performance of mobile betting apps is becoming more important. Can mobile betting apps real time use guarantee convenience vs risk? Lowering betting risk is easier after learning how much you can make compared with what you lose. If the amount of gain is bigger, then betting is all worth it.

Horse racing mobile apps make every race a unique and desirable experience. It is now at your finger tips, you can use it to bet but keep the pros and cons in mind.

The Pros of mobile betting apps
The number one reason for the popularity of mobile betting apps is convenience. It is the home for punters to keep up with the game when they are on the move. They can place a bet on their favourite horse whenever they like using mobile phone. Mobile betting apps enable betting, results and cash outs with a simple click.

Users are up-to-date with the latest happenings on the race track.  It works like a betting firm that offers a lot of pre-bet information about the odds on the chances of winning. You’ll know your horse, jockey and trainer on your mobile device. The apps give pre-race stats, odds calculations and betting tips.

Easy access on funds. You can manage your full account on your device. You can deposit on your device or use your credit card when you are running low on betting money. You can immediately withdraw your winnings after the event. Depositing and withdrawing funds is easy and safe.

Horse racing on your mobile phone costs less than you think. The apps are available at affordable subscription fee per month. You can customise the app for alert on latest track news, reports and racing message boards.

You can get free bookmaker bets when you sign up to play. Most bookmakers offer great bonuses to entice punters to bet on their site. Some bookies not just give you free money once, but they give multiple bonuses whilst you bet.

The Cons of mobile betting apps
Having access to mobile betting apps makes gambling too easy. Betting too easy means spending big amount of money that can lead to bankruptcy.

Mobile betting apps can have security vulnerabilities, predators are targeting mobile app users. Avoid being a victim by accessing secure and trusted apps for real money gambling.

The small screen size can create discomfort to users. The small screen size  may make reading difficult, punters may miss out important information.

Mobile betting apps make spending money online easy. The convenient access to funds may increase the temptation to place more bets. Betting can be addictive and can lead to gambling problems.

Convenience vs risk can be your concern when using mobile betting apps. But there is a possibility of turning the odds in your favour by using the same mobile technology. Users can now have complete control of their betting activities by using mobile apps. Products like MathBetting, Fairbot and BetMover reduce the risk of gambling. These apps allow users to manage their money, plan their bets and analyse data efficiently. Horse racing betting is a fun way to make some money if you are careful and informed.


July 20, 2016

Adult Industry Web Design

Today, it seems that having your own website is an unwritten requirement for all business types and models. In some business niches, a user-friendly and working website design is a must. For instance, top class adult websites and webcam web pages mostly rely on their websites in generating a big chunk of their revenues.

Adult Web Design

 Web designers often focus on creating great visual surprises that highlight seductive adult graphics and images. This concept is just right; however, adult web design is more than the attractive faces and revealing skins. Generally, customers will only know your product or service offerings when you exert great effort in bringing them off. Your web design must bespeak your target audience, have to be set up using the right SEO and should feature a balanced content.

The primary objective of creating a web design is to rank high in search engine results and develop a visually pleasing and riveting design that works decently across all platforms.

Creating Adult Web Designs

 Websites that market sex toys, those that are sexually erotic in nature and feature escorts or call girls, typically fall under adult-themed sites. Moreover, adult dating websites and porn sites do belong in this category.

Building an adult-themed website out of WordPress is easier said than done. You will have to first register your domain name and choose a web hosting provider. Installing, configuring and setting up WordPress come next. Plugins, themes, scripts, CMS and Whitelabels are also important to your mix.

In creating online adult dating websites, don’t forget to include in your strategy the membership process, affiliate programs and Google AdSense. Nevertheless, in terms of the software, themes or scripts, there are already available website builders and pre-customized themes, which make it much easier to develop later on.

Content and Search Engine Exposure

The usual adult website materials are images and texts that are generally NSFW or can only be viewed by those 18 and above. Examples include content that contain sexually explicit gubbins, games that involve bets or wagers, or content that can be regarded by others as offensive or off-putting. With these being said, create materials that can only be accessed by members or people who agree to the terms of site use.

In terms of search engine exposure, institute a different approach in marketing your website. Since the adult industry is a competitive market, expect that you will struggle at first. Hiring trusted professionals will ensure that you will draw the attention of the right audience and will make your website a clear stand out, not only in aesthetics but also in search engine results.

June 2, 2016

Quality Natural Health Websites Around The World

A growing number of individuals are leaning towards a more natural lifestyle because of the wonderful health benefits they provide. The reason behind this is that natural health tends to focus towards conventional and complementary therapies in an effort to promote optimal health, as well as prevent and treat disease by addressing contributing factors. It is good to hear that in the present we have quality natural health websites around the world that is able to provide relevant and timely information that is revolving around holistic medicine. Let us look into some of the examples below.

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Australia’s largest health, wellbeing and natural therapies event, Mind Body Spirit Festival showcases over 200 exhibitors giving people tons of options to choose from with the activities they want to engage in. Mind Body Spirit Festival’s website is able to represent their colorful event with a bright and cheerful layout.

Podiatrist Sydney

Podiatrist Sydney gives big focus to the visual aspect of their website which is quite apparent with tons of pictures that circulate the website along with quick and easy access in making the necessary appointments.

Inner Source Health

Inner Source Health’s website is filled to the brim with information online visitors need when they need it. The page offers the latest news that revolves around the field of holistic health along with an interactive twitter feed which online users can easily keep up and follow. As a result, readers will be able to get themselves up to date with the latest news and information that revolves around the subject of natural health.

Natural Health Magazine UK

UK’s top alternative wellbeing magazine, Natural Health Magazine UK offers a plethora of information online visitors can at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Their website has a wide variety of articles ranging from food, anti aging, beauty, weight loss, health as well as sex & relationships. The page also helps answer some questions while at the same time provide giveaways for their customers to have a chance of winning wonderful prizes.

Natural Health

Natural Health strongly believes in an easy, approachable way to living well, looking to nature to provide us with better choices for a greater quality of life. Their website represents the vision and goal that they are aiming with easy and well organized content. As a result, online users will be able to find what they need in a short amount of time with just a few clicks of a button.

A number of disease and disorders were able to benefit greatly from the non invasive method of treatment that is being provided by holistic medicine through natural health. For instance, is able to benefit greatly with the timely and relevant information that these quality natural health websites provide to them which they can use to their advantage.

These are some of the many quality natural health websites found today and you will definitely find more results by looking them up online.

June 2, 2016

Finance Industry SEO: Keywords Are Competitive

For online companies, the life and blood of their business often revolves around advertising and reaching the interest and attention of their target audience. Without it, it may be hard for business owners to keep their online business up and running. The same can also be said with regards to the finance industry with a number of them slowly integrating their services over the internet. As such, more and more individuals are finding great value with search engine optimization. Keywords and competitive in the finance industry SEO and let us look into a few of these key phrases.

People often go online (specifically, to search engine websites) to find a particular product or service in a timely and effective manner. For instance, getting a loan without a check of your credit has become quite a popular topic and the need to provide matching terms with them often arises. This in turn calls for an effective use of keywords to help provide them with relevant results which they can use in the present. Keywords such as business loans, short term loans as well as personal loans are popular search terms that are being used on a regular day to day basis by people from around the world. Banks who are integrating the use of such keyword often dominate the rankings with their high Trust Flow and Domain Authority. With that being said, how about the small time business owners or the newcomers in the finance industry. How are they able to get their fair share of the spotlight today?

Smaller independent leading companies are able to achieve significant wins if they persevere and write long pages of content, e.g. up to 1500 words per landing page. The reason behind this is that these long pages of content oftentimes produce quality and well thought out articles readers can use and remember for a very long time. In addition, great articles tend to get shared more often than others which results to an added increase in traffic as well as more and more individuals getting exposed to your company.

Taking the extra effort in writing long pages of content compared to its shorter counterparts is not as easy as it looks. This is because a great deal of time and resources are spent in creating these topics which requires additional manpower. With that being said, this often goes a long way in helping pique the further interest of your target audience introducing them to your company as a whole. As such, many go through the necessary efforts in making sure that they are able to provide their readers with good content they can read and make use of not only today but also in the future.

It is good to hear that advertising agencies today are able to provide the much needed help the finance industry requires in producing SEO content that can benefit a huge number of individuals. Don’t take these keywords lightly and start integrating them to your business today.

June 2, 2016

12 Important Key-phrases For Locksmiths

For online business owners, one of the things that help keep their websites going is traffic. Web traffic plays a very important role in drawing the interest of your target audience. Steady flow of traffic will mean that you business becomes easily visible to a huge number of individuals in today. The same can also be said with regards to locksmiths who are now slowly integrating their services over the internet. Keywords or key-phrases are vital in attracting traffic and listed below are 12 important key-phrases locksmiths can make good use of in the present.

  1. Commercial locksmiths

This is a very straightforward key-phrase for those who want to make use of locksmith services as a whole.

  1. Residential locksmiths

Homeowners often use this term when looking up locksmiths over the internet giving them the results that they need.

  1. Emergency locksmiths

This key-phrase is oftentimes used in dire and urgent circumstances needing help to be provided to them in a timely and effective manner.

  1. Master key systems

A number of companies and homeowners who wish to own universal locks will often look up master key systems to help them with their endeavors.

  1. Strata locksmiths

Strata and commercial locksmiths are popular search terms and as such, they often produce a great deal of results that revolves around the field of locksmith services for today.

  1. Getting keys cut

More often than not, companies and homeowners have a few copies to spare with regards to their keys in case they get accidentally lost. The processing of duplicating them revolves around getting keys cut and hence the popular key-phrase.

  1. Lost keys

Keys due to their relatively small and lightweight nature tend to get lost often. Looking up lost keys online will produce a huge number of results that are usually linked to locksmith services.

  1. Public venue locksmiths

Public venue locksmiths are popular terms for those who are looking for their services and have a range of properties within the public sector.

  1. Cheap locksmith

Locksmith services are not usually expensive but prices and rates can vary from company to company. Looking for cheap locksmith helps save customers a great deal of time and resources when looking to save money on this particular type of service.

  1. Auto locksmith

Also known as automotive locksmiths, customers will have little to no worries losing their car keys with the help of these professionals.

  1. Car locksmith

Just like its automotive counterpart, car locksmith services lost car keys.

  1. 24 hour locksmith

Keys can get stolen or lost at any given time and as such a 24 hour locksmith is very much sought after by a huge number of individuals today.

Several commercial locksmiths in Sydney can be found today simply by looking them up over the internet. It is good to hear that locksmith services are becoming more and more accessible in the present especially since this is often considered as a niche service. Make sure to integrate the 12 key-phrases listed above with your locksmith company.

May 30, 2016

Furniture Design: Creativity vs Comfort vs Commerce

Is there enough alliteration in furniture design today? Creativity, comfort and commerce are all important to those who make and sell furniture. From the rocking chair on the porch to the strapless, steel and leather S & M couch with or without restraints, furniture must furnish us with all those three requirements. A dainty two seater in red and black tartan, a mahogany buff dining table scored with the marks of history, an alabaster illuminated marble consul unit; all of these things have their place in the unique homes of individual human beings.

Furniture Design: Creativity vs Comfort vs Commerce

They say there is a scale in Egyptian mythology that weighs the heart of the deceased against the feather of truth. Fine furniture is also weighed on scales that measure three things: creativity, comfort and commerce. We want to purchase something amazingly creative, but it must also be functionally comfortable if that is its purpose, and we must be able to afford it. What price will you pay for originality, style and comfort? What are you willing to fork out for something truly fabulous? Or will you buy a knock off from Kmart?

Anubis and Ammit await your decision; how true is your heart when it comes to choosing the forms that surround your life? Maat matters! Because those chairs and tables that prop up our existence reflect upon who we are. We look at, sit in, sleep on and eat at all these essential pieces of furniture in our lives. Furniture matters more than many people think. Surround yourself with cheap crap and what does that say about who you are. Live with items made by impoverished slave labour in sweat shops in China and what kind of energy emanates from your home? Material substances that we touch and see much of the day influence our reality.

Furniture design: Creativity vs comfort vs commerce is the scale that we measure the success of that design to meet our human needs. Entertainment units that are affordable do not have to be poorly made and incredibly ugly. Likewise, with beds, dining tables and lounge suites, if the designer can bring the three amigos together we can all celebrate. Beauty, nurture and value, are another way of judging the same thing. These vital elements within all fine furniture must come together in some sort of perfect harmony. We want our furniture to sing to our soul, senses and work within sensible financial parametres.

Cultural Creatives

May 30, 2016

Cultural Creatives: Life on the Edge

What is a cultural creative? Someone who creates culture, rather than blindly follows the established route? Yes, this could be a workable definition for the twenty first century. If you see yourself at the cutting edge of our cultural reality, involved in tasks that not only shift the goalposts, somewhat, but also demand constant creativity, then you may feel that you are living on that edge. Here is a Zen koan like poem that was written a long time ago about the essence of this experience:

“Tap-dance and tiptoe.

The edge, the open window;

Cut-glass charisma, every time I fall.”[1]

Cultural Creatives: Life on the Edge

Living on that edge, as the poem indicates, is not always a comfortable existence, quite the contrary. Edges are sharp and, often, involve falls, as in falling over the edge. Which is why the vast majority of people try and live safe and, somewhat, predictable lives. They long for the security of something tangible beneath them, something to hold onto when the storm hits. The price of that security is ‘working for the man’ or selling your soul to a corporate entity, a faceless company of middle managers demanding higher productivity and negotiable integrity.

The cultural creatives refute this safe existence because they won’t sell their souls. The price for this non-conformity is up and down finances, chasing dollars out of laggards, and even, borrowing money with no credit check on occasions. If you are not one of the faceless corporate team players, you are a pioneer living in the wild west on the fringes of our cultural reality. You are not paid for your silence, like the vast majority of the herd. Sometimes you don’t get paid at all. You are carving out new shapes and forms, perhaps in pixels.

Your community, often, does not readily recognise the work that you do. It may take them another half decade to catch up on what is important in the here and now. Meanwhile, the cultural creative is winging it in space, faking it until they make it, and swimming at the deep end. Not drowning, waving, for your attention. Technology is changing how we communicate and do business. It has changed how we communicate and do business. It will continue to do so in ever decreasing wheels of time. Lots of folks have not caught up with the full thrust of that momentum. Many businesses are still operating out of a now obsolete paradigm. Oh Mary, where will it all end?

[1][1] ©R. Hamilton

May 30, 2016

Getting The Health Message Out Via Web Design

Websites are wonderful portals for information; we have never had it so good when it comes to accessing information. Good health outcomes are often linked to behaviour, and behaviour is heavily influenced by access to information. If you don’t know what is good for you, how in heaven will you find it or embody it. Access to the world wide web makes that a whole lot easier now. There are countless health related sites run by government agencies, health providers, health industry manufacturers and associated stake holders.

Getting The Health Message Out Via Web Design

Having access to this information is, however, only the beginning; the websites themselves need to be designed for comprehension. Too much gobbledy gook and nobody will read them. By this I mean overdoing the jargon and laying out the text in dense blocks, which often overwhelms the visitor. I like to think of visiting a website for the first time like a first date or encounter. Don’t try and overload that first interview with everything, including the kitchen sink. Be cool, friendly, but not over the top. Ease your way into the encounter with plenty of space, give the reader room to breathe.

Health websites are best served by a clean design, with easily readable and digestible sized chunks of copy. Information must come in an ordered and logical sequence, giving the reader time to pause and process the information. Question and answer formats can be helpful, but don’t overdo that either. The page design should say take your time, this is where you will find the answers you are seeking, but nobody is in any hurry. Information should be cited clearly to show the credibility of the source for this health information. Health can involve life and death; don’t expect people to just take your word for it.

A chiropractor may offer tips to reduce the suffering of back-pain, as may an osteopath website. These advice pages should be concise and practical, offering safe information for those who may be suffering in pain. In the case of something like auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, there could be a page providing pre-diagnosis, based on symptomatic behaviours. All of these information pages are clearly flagged as pre-appointment information, rather than solutions in themselves. The website is offering immediate help, but urges the client to come in an see one of their health care specialists. This is the beginning of a process, firstly information, then introduction, quickly followed by treatment and then, hopefully, cure.

May 26, 2016

Performers With Disabilities: Designing A Future

Persons with disabilities often are viewed as helpless and powerless individuals and that their condition makes it impossible for them to find success with their endeavors. This social stigma has been around for quite some time giving them limited opportunities with regards to their chosen career paths. Many however, were able to prove that this negative perception was wrong with the increase of performers with disabilities who are performing regularly on stage.

A group of performers with intellectual disabilities have banded together to form a one of a kind performance that they are proud to share to the whole world. The people behind RUCKUS are aiming to explore how we as individuals navigate our busy lives and they want to do this in the stage with their performance. RUCKUS is a Sydney theatre ensemble for performers with disabilities and they have devised a contemporary performance combining storytelling, writing, movement and video entitled Speed of Life. People have also been very supportive with their endeavors following a successful crowdfunding campaign which made it possible for them to travel to Cambodia as part of a two-week exchange with a sister group.

Artists and performers with disabilities do come in great numbers and their respective issues did not hinder or stop them from reaching closer to their dreams. There has been indeed quiet a number of myths about disability that have been revolving around lately. These myths however, are slowly getting unraveled and exposed which help give these people the much needed spotlight that they rightfully deserves. One of the contributing factors were found in social media where online users are able to share news and articles from around the world in a timely and effectively manner As a result, one will not be finding any shortage of persons with disabilities who have shared and showcased their work and performance to the world.

Indeed, many artists with disabilities today are ready, willing and are able to share their talents and be part of the world stage. The IMDB page is filled to the brim with actors with disabilities who have been in the industry for quite some time and have also found success with their efforts . This includes the likes of Howie Mandel (Producer, Deal or No Deal), Montel Williams, Robert David Hall, Danny Woodburn, and who could forget Peter Dinklage who has been making a name for himself as the one who portrayed Tyrion Lannister in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones winning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

It is good to hear that performers with disabilities are getting the much needed attention in the present. This goes a long way in encouraging others who share the same issues to showcase their talents to the world. With proper guidance and training we can see a very bright future for performers with disabilities and we can expect to see them more often in the stage.